The purpose of the course is to train researchers making them understands that conducting quality research is essential for the good performance of university education. The aim of the Master’s Degree is to obtain general knowledge of the course area of activity to deepen the knowledge in specific disciplines in the area where it acts as well as the practical exposure to scientific methods through the execution of experiments required for its course completion work. In this perspective the Master has a dual function: to prepare students for the next stage of scientific training and to improve their performance as a teacher. In the system currently used in PGPAT the course is expected to be completed in a period not exceeding 24 months.

The Doctorate is perceived as the stage of an independent researcher formation. Such training is given by the work of a researcher already trained, where dedication, independent study and specific work are more important than teaching disciplines. It is expected that the Doctorate will be completed in a term not exceeding 48 months.