History request

The postgraduate program does not have access to the issuance of historical documents; these must be requested in the General Secretariat of Courses from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. (outside attendance).

Diploma request

The postgraduate program does not have access to the issuance of historical documents; these must be requested in the General Secretariat of Courses. However, the student must request via pgpat@bahia.fiocruz.br the sending of the proving documents in the Postgraduate program. After 10 working days of the request the student must go to the SGC / SEDIC and make the request through an application available in this place. The charges fees for issuing the diploma are suspended.

Request for test notes

The correct way to check the notes is to access the UFBA Academic System. There the student will find information about credits taken, workload and notes.

Second Call – In accordance with the General Norms of Postgraduate, (Article 29). “At the end of the course, the student shall obtain arithmetic average notes of the studied disciplines equal to or greater than 7.0 (seven); – “The student is allowed once again to repeat the course in which he / she has scored below 7.0 (seven)”

Options for Course Lock Request

Total course lock or matriculation dispense approved by the Collegiate may occur only for a period of 01 (one) semester, regardless of the case. Total locking of the course or dispense of matriculation is only indicated by the University Medical Service.

It shall not be computed for the maximum period of conclusion the time corresponding to the lockouts.

Request for Advisor Change

According to Article 25 of the General Norms of Post-Graduation at UFBA, “At the request of advisor or the student under his guidance the Collegiate may authorize the substitution of the Advisor”. To make the request, it is necessary to send a letter to the Collegiate by specifying the request for the advisor change.

Harnessing request studies

At the criterion of the Collegiate of the course, credits previously obtained in Master’s or Doctorate courses, from UFBA or from another higher education institution of recognized competence may be validated, provided that the disciplines have been completed for a maximum of 05 (five) years, except when documented the update of the applicant.
At the criterion of the Collegiate of the course credits obtained in disciplines of postgraduate courses lato sensu ( continuing education) can be used to meet the curricular requirements of the master’s degree.

The application for validation or utilization of credits must be accompanied by documentation proving the program, workload, crediting and degree of approval. Co validation or partial use of the credit of a discipline is not allowed.

Participation in Events

Docents, Master’s and Doctoral students can apply for financial assistance to participate in scientific events (Congresses, Symposiums etc.) in the form of registration, tickets and cost help, provided that the participation is to present scientific work properly accepted by the event.

To make the request you must send correspondence to the postgraduate program attaching the letter of acceptance work with at least 30 days in advance.

Support Program for Events Abroad

Objective: to support the presentation of scientific works by professors and researcher having doctoral degrees in events abroad, providing international visibility of Brazilian scientific work, technological and cultural production.

The support consists of travel aid which is intended for expenses with tickets for participation in a scientific event abroad, indicated at registration and approved by CAPES. The value of the aid will be established by CAPES according to the geographical location of the event. The deposit will be made in a single installment, in a bank account in Brazil, not allowing payment of difference or refund of balance. It is the applicant’s sole responsibility to arrange for the purchase of tickets.
The amount of the displacement aid was scaled down, as published in the DRI / CGBE Notice No. 006/2009, below. The change will be effective for the approved applications aimed at participation in an event abroad from July 2009.

For implementation of the support the approved candidate must submit the complementary documentation as described in the Guidelines for Applications in Program Documents, available on this page.

The accounts presentation must be made within 60 days of the event. The beneficiary must send to Capes the originals of the air ticket and the boarding passes by mail posted to the Department of Accompanying Persons and copies thereof, as well as the report referring to developed activities by means of the item below “Send Documents Avulsions “, in an electronic file of size less than 5 Mbytes, in the standard Acrobat Adobe (.pdf), only accepted format.