PGPAT regularly requests scholarships from CAPES, CNPq, and FAPESB. Even so, PGPAT cannot make a commitment to grant scholarships to all accepted students.


In order to receive a scholarship from any of the modalities, students must certify that they do not have an employment relationship or other paid activity and are fully engaged in the course activities. The scholarships, of any modality, cannot be accumulated. The support for students is limited to a maximum of 24 months in the Master and 48 months in the Doctorate regardless of the origin of the scholarship. The FIOCRUZ assistance is restricted to students who are doing their work in the laboratory of the CPqGM.
In case of insufficient scholarships to attend the qualified students the decision will be done by the PGPAT Grants Committee (formed by the Coordinator, a Permanent Teacher and a student representative).

According to the Order of Classification in the Selective Process students will receive scholarships from CNPq, CAPES or FIOCRUZ.

OBS. The study time will not be computed for retirement purposes, unless during the study period the student can make a contribution to the Social Security as an “optional contributor”, in the form of art. 14 and 21, of Law no. 8,212, of 07/24/91.