She has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Federal University of Bahia, specialization in Biostatistics from Maria Milza-FAMAM Faculty, Master’s and PhD in Human Pathology from Federal University of Bahia-FIOCRUZ / BA. She did postdoctoral studies at the Gonçalo Moniz CPqGM-FIOCRUZ / BA Research Center investigating new inhibitors of ornithine decarboxylase and arginase enzymes for the treatment of Leishmaniasis. She is currently Adjunct Professor of the Department of Bioinformatics at the Institute of Health Sciences of UFBA and Collaborating Researcher at CPqGM-FIOCRUZ / BA. She works in the area of Immunology, Parasitology and Inflammation Biology with emphasis in the teaching of general processes of Pathology and research in the themes: Inflammation, Lipid Mediators, Arginase Metabolism, parasite-host interaction and immunopathology in Leishmaniasis.

Jaqueline França Costa