He has a bachelor’s degree in Biochemical Pharmacy from Federal University of Bahia (2005), Master’s Degree in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research – Weill Cornell Medical College (2010) and Ph.D. in Immunology from Federal University of Bahia. He is currently a professor with doctorate degree at Centro Universitário Estácio da Bahia, graduate professor at Faculty Oswaldo Cruz and permanent professor of postgraduate course in Pathology at UFBA / FIOCRUZ, as well as associate researcher at Gonçalo Moniz Research Center – FIOCRUZ / BA. Regional Coordinator of Integrated Schistosomiasis Program of FIOCRUZ (PIDE / FIOCRUZ) and Coordinator of Specialization Course in Biosciences and Health Teaching at FIOCRUZ-BA. He has experience in Immunology with emphasis on Immunoparasitology and Inate Immunity, working mainly on the following topics: schistosomiasis, asthma, innate lymphoid cells and NKT cells.

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Ricardo Riccio Oliveira