She has a bachelor’s degree in Medicine from the University of Lille and a post-doctoral degree from Carlos Chagas Institute FIOCRUZ-PR. She is currently a researcher at CPqGM / FIOCRUZ with experience in Cellular and Molecular Biology of Host Cell Pathogen Interaction, mainly working in the study of interaction between murine macrophage and Leishmania spp . She worked in different approaches on a large scale such as DNA microarray and proteomics and analysis of complex networks for identification of infected macrophages of promising molecules as targets for chemotherapeutic action. She is studying the effect of drugs that act on these targets to control the infection by Leishmania spp. She participates in epidemiological studies of the prevalence, incidence and distribution of canine visceral leishmaniasis to identify risk factors and vectors for LVC in endemic regions in Bahia. She is senior researcher at CPqGM / FIOCRUZ-BA, member of the faculty of Graduate Programs in Human Pathology at UFBa and in Biotechnology in Health and Investigative Medicine at CPqGM / FIOCRUZ-BA.

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Patricia Sampaio Tavares Veras