She has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Federal University of Bahia (2005), master’s degree (2008) and PhD (2013) in Experimental Pathology from UFBA-FIOCRUZ / BA, under the advisor of Dr. Cláudia Brodskyn. Member of a team coordinated by Dr. Nicolas Glaichenhaus in the sandwich doctorate (CNPq-SWE Scholarship in 2012) Immunity of Mucosa and Inflammation area (IPMC-Université de Nice / France). She did postdoctoral studies at CPqGM-FIOCRUZ / BA, investigating the interactions between dendritic cells and human neutrophils in cutaneous leishmaniasis. She also participated in a team coordinated by Dr. Carlos Henrique Serezani during postdoctoral studies at Indiana University – Purdue University of Indiana (Indianapolis, USA). She is active in the field of immunology, cell biology and Parasitology with emphasis on the role of innate immunity in cutaneous leishmaniasis. She has developed projects on the themes: interaction between parasite and host cells in addition to tests for  vaccine candidates.

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Natália Machado Tavares