She has PhD in Biotechnology in Health and Investigative Medicine from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (2008) and a postdoctoral degree from the Gonçalo Moniz Research Center. She has degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Federal University of Viçosa (1997), a Master’s Degree in Zootechnics from the Federal University of Viçosa Moniz (FIOCRUZ). She is currently a researcher at the Gonçalo Moniz Research Center / FIOCRUZ / BA and adjunct professor ministering and coordinating the discipline of Epidemiology and Sanitary Management at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science at the Federal University of Bahia. In the area of research she develops projects in  Biotechnology, working mainly in the development and evaluation of diagnostic tests and in Public Health with emphasis on Epidemiology working mainly on the following topics: zoonosis, parasitic diseases, diagnosis, epidemiological studies and visceral leishmaniasis Canine

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Deborah Bittencourt Mothe Fraga